Parole and Probation Violations

Parole is a privilege, and if you were given a conditional release from your prison sentence, it is important that you follow all rules of your parole. Failure to abide by terms outlined in your parole can have you facing an extended sentencing and additional incarceration, penalties and criminal charges. For some individuals, parole is a new experience and they are simply unaware of how to handle the adjustment of becoming a productive member of society. Other people are uneducated about the conditions of their release and unknowingly violate their parole. If you have been accused of violation, it is crucial that you contact a criminal defense lawyer from Gunger Law Firm right away.

The conditions of an individual’s parole release vary slightly depending on the person, the crime and any past criminal convictions they may have had. In most cases, individuals are required to refrain from alcohol and drug use during their parole and are required to abide by conditions pertaining to where they can live, where they can work and who they are allowed to associate with, such as orders to avoid associating with known convicted criminals. If a restraining order was taken out by the alleged victim of the case, the parolee will be required to abide by the court order as well as refrain from moving or committing additional crimes while on parole. Some cases may require curfews and community service. Almost every parole case requires the parolee to report on a regular basis to a parole officer. The officer will be in charge of ensuring that the parolee is abiding by all regulations of their parole.

In the event that an individual fails follow all guidelines of the parole, they may face additional criminal charges and convictions. If a new crime is committed or if the parolee fails a drug test, for example, they may be arrested and face new charges. These accusations can lead to re-incarceration and loss of eligibility for parole in the future. An attorney from Gunger Law Firm can help determine the best course of legal action for you to take after an allegation that you were in violation of your parole. Our firm can help build a strong legal defense against these accusations and defend you in front of the parole board.

Dedicated Legal Defense for Parolees

At our firm, we are prepared to assist individuals and their families with obtaining favorable outcomes for their criminal cases. We understand that parole is granted to small portion of inmates and that being given the opportunity to readjust to life as a citizen is important to you. Being accused of a parole violation can have extremely negative effects on your future, and without the representation of an experienced Syracuse parole defense attorney, you could be at the mercy of the parole board. Time is of the essence, so if you have been charged with violating your parole, you need to work with our firm right away.

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