Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes in New York

The state of New York recognizes individuals under the age of 16 as minors, and if they have committed a criminal act, they are known as juvenile delinquents. In a criminal proceeding for a juvenile delinquent, the case is taken to a family court, and if a child is convicted, they will be known as a juvenile offender. While the terminology and criminal proceedings may vary between adult criminal courts and family courts, it is still important that an experienced attorney be retained. A criminal conviction for a minor can have negative lifelong effects and greatly hinder their ability to obtain financial assistance, education and work in the future. At Gunger Law Firm, we have an in-depth understanding of New York laws governing juvenile crimes and are experienced in handling multiple types of youth-related cases. If you have been arrested, or your child is facing juvenile court, contact our firm right away!

After an arrest, it is important that a criminal defense lawyer be contacted right away. The juvenile justice system takes action almost immediately, and the right attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of a criminal case. Depending on the type of crime that was committed and the circumstances of the arrest, each case may vary. Penalties will be dependent upon the specifics of each charge, and with so many varying factors, it is always recommended that an attorney be contacted to ensure the best possible outcome for a case. In some situations, children ages 14 to 16 may be tried in an adult court. This is especially true for children accused of committing a violent crime, and oftentimes, prosecutors will push for these cases to be taken to criminal court in order to make an example out of the accused individual. Without the representation of an attorney, a minor could face years in prison, fines and restitution along with a permanent criminal record.

If a case stays in the juvenile justice system, a child may be held in juvenile justice system pending trial or as a penalty upon conviction. At the start of the case, the juvenile delinquent will appear at a fact-finding hearing. At this hearing, evidence is presented against the juvenile, and if probable cause is found, the case may move forward to a dispositional hearing. Dispositional hearings determine the penalties that will be required to be served by the juvenile if convicted. In these hearings, parents, guardians and probation officers may testify, and a judge will determine what will happen if the child is convicted. In some cases, if a case is dismissed, the child will not face detention penalties or be required to attend substance abuse treatment or be under supervision. Each case may vary, and it is important that all necessary actions be taken to protect your childs future, which is why Gunger Law Firm can be your best option after an arrest.

Handling Juvenile Cases in CNY

At Gunger Law Firm, we are proud to say that we have significant experience in handling cases of juvenile delinquents. Our founding attorney, Richard W. Gunger, has past teaching experience at various universities and colleges and can communicate effectively with young people accused of criminal activity. Regardless of the type of crime that your child was arrested for, Gunger Law Firm can help. No case is too big or too small for our firm to handle. We provide knowledgeable defense following an underage DWI charge, sex crime accusation or parole violation. Do not leave your childs future to chance! Immediately retain the representation of a Syracuse juvenile crime attorney from our firm. Attorney Richard W Gunger provides excellent one-on-one attention and can accommodate jail visits with a client as necessary.

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